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Why You Need Chiropractic Care After an Injury

InjuryMost people will have an injury at some point in their life. They may not be completely avoidable but we can try to avoid the chronic problems that injuries cause later in life. The top causes of injuries in the U.S. include falls, auto accidents, and sports injuries. A large number of them result in injury to joints like the spine, shoulders, knees, hands and feet. The biggest concern after an injury is proper healing. Without proper treatment, disability, chronic pain, and unnecessary suffering pose a big risk.

Injuries most often cause pain that result in problems with spinal misalignment, faulty movement patterns, and a poor quality of life. Seeking chiropractic care can help you recover quicker with less chronic problems, and get you performing your best.

Why You Need Chiropractic Care:

1. Restore Spinal Alignment
Subtle spinal misalignments can affect nerve energy in the body and lead to poor general body function, slower healing, pain, and other problematic symptoms. Spinal misalignments are a common root cause for symptoms that should be addressed immediately. Once the misalignment is restored, the body is able to restore normal function and healing for the recovery process.
2. Optimize Tissue Healing
Once the spinal alignment is restored, your body is better able to respond to additional treatments and maximize the effects of other treatment options for healing injured tissues. The goal is to continue to encourage good spinal alignment while allowing the body to properly heal. Other treatments might include heat/cold therapy, traction, electrical stimulation, myofascial release, massage, stretching, exercise, and many more.
3. Maximize Your Long Term Success
One of the main causes of an injury is already having a previous injury in the same area, which makes the tissue weaker. Additionally, initial symptoms can become chronic and get worse with time if they are ignored and not dealt with in the first place. With proper immediate treatment, you can minimize this risk of future problems. Often, long term issues stem from faulty movement patterns, a misunderstanding of the original injury, scar tissue, and ultimately, spinal misalignments. Chiropractic care can help minimize all of these issues from the start.

When you sustain an injury, choosing chiropractic care is a must. It can boost your potential for recovery and get you feeling better as soon as possible. Chiropractic care should be your choice of care for injuries to improve outcomes, reduce pain, and to keep your body functioning optimally. Chiropractic is also important to prevent future injuries. By having your spine in alignment and joints mobile, it helps to improve your range of motion, strength, and durability. That will greatly reduce the risk of an injury. Give Davis Chiropractic a call to get you started on the road to recovery!

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