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Orthotics in Grand Rapids MN

person tying shoesIn the same way that a house must have a solid foundation to remain steady, our body needs solid footing to remain structurally aligned. That’s why Dr. Davis and Dr. Joki offer orthotics, which are personalized medical appliances that fit in your shoes and help you heal from the ground up.

Problems with the feet can cause a myriad of alignment issues and lead to pain in the hips, back, pelvis, and more. Whole-body healing can begin with a simple 15-20 minute visit to Davis Chiropractic Health & Wellness, P.A., where we will fit you with custom-made orthotics that can decrease foot pain and set your skeleton on a firm foundation.

Finding Your Footing

Orthotics can heal foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, but the more important benefit most of our patients notice is the help they provide in ensuring your chiropractic adjustments hold in place.

When the body is on an uneven footing, it is easy for your spine to revert to a misaligned structure that precludes pain and other symptoms throughout the body. By fixing foot issues with orthotics, adjustments are more likely to hold longer and long-term alignment is more likely to be successful.

Taking the First Step

We provide orthotics primarily to patients already receiving chiropractic care in our Grand Rapids office. If deemed necessary, we would ask you to bring in the shoes you wear the most and then make a comfortable insert that effectively levels out imbalances, fixes harmful movement patterns in your walk, and more.

The orthotics we add may vary in thickness for each foot, or they may be two inserts that are the same size.

Schedule Today

We would love to welcome you into our clinic. Our team is very accessible with flexible hours, availability on Saturdays, and online booking options. Schedule an appointment and start your whole-body healing now.


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