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How Often Should I Go to the Chiropractor?

Spine pictureHow Often Should I Be Going to the Chiropractor?

That is a very common question that people have about chiropractic care. It will depend on your specific health goals and needs.

The most common reasons for seeing a chiropractor are neck and back pain. Low back pain is one of the top causes of disability in the U.S. but seeking chiropractic care can make a big difference in reducing medical costs and getting people back to work and functioning better again. Spinal misalignments are a commonly overlooked problem that can lead to back pain but chiropractic care can help tremendously.

Depending on the chiropractor you see, they may recommend different treatments and frequencies. There are 2 main routes that you can take, depending on your health goals: 1. Pain relief and 2. corrective care. Pain relief is focused on reducing your pain only. Corrective care is focused on reducing your pain AND CORRECTING YOUR SPINAL ALIGNMENT to make it stronger, less prone to injury, less prone to degenerating, and keeping your spine, nerves, and entire body as healthy as possible by keeping pressure off your joints, discs, and nerves. Correcting a spine can take anywhere from 6-9 months on average. Once corrected, it’s best to keep up with at least monthly maintenance adjustments to allow it to stay in it’s ideal position and keep it from shifting back out of alignment.

We correct your spine with a series of adjustments, stretches, exercises, and working on posture and ergonomics. We may also use other modalities in addition. The exact frequency and duration of visits is different from person to person, depending on current health status, phase of spinal degeneration, and certain activities that are aggravating the injury/misalignments.

If you have any questions give us a call or set up an appointment!

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